Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were at the gym together in LA the other day. Afterwards she drove them home. Robo in the driver's seat! Normally they travel with full security detail and service when they're together. This is a departure for them, perhaps because Little Sci isn't around.

Did you watch The Kennedys on History Television last night (in Canada)? I'm attaching a few more stills from the series. Like I said - the critics might not be into it from, you know, a writing and development standpoint, but as a gossip lover, as a body language lover, you cannot help but get into it when she's trying to play off the veterans. Or speaking. Listening to her butcher that accent is making my life. Also, Barry Pepper. And the clothes! Photos attached.

TMZ did a feature this weekend on celebrities and their bodyguards that caught my eye. Um. Look. Here. Click here.


You know where I'm going.

I mean, I can't actually believe he hasn't caught my eye before. Is he still around? Because, well, that's something to look at, non? That’s a reason to want to summon the crew together for an outing, for no particular reason. And he has more than height over the man of the house is all I'm saying.

Maybe that's an answer though to whenever you ask yourself: what's in it for her?

Photos from INFphoto.com and courtesy of History Television