Boyfriend jeans are one thing, I guess. Because at least they’re comfortable. This though, whatever Katie Holmes is trying to make happen here, it’s not only uncomfortable, it also looks busted. Mom’s denim capris under a khaki jacket and bedazzled Loubs... it’s simply not flattering. And, frankly, it’s a little sartorially schizophrenic. But hey, since Katie is a fashion genius for deciding that pants pockets should be lined, who the f-ck am I to say this style is assy?

Katie was back in LA, photographed leaving an office building, after spending time in Toronto shooting The Kennedys but not before ordering cupcakes for the crew, special delivery from New York. This jizzy story was posted on complete with a recipe like the cupcake craze is a totally new thing that Katie’s just discovering. Do I sound like an urban asshole? Because, um, how long can something be a “craze” when it’s been around forever?

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