US Weekly reported exclusively on Sunday, Katie Holmes’s birthday, that Jamie Foxx took her to Mexico to celebrate. They supposedly left on Friday on a private plane, spent the whole time in a luxury suite at the resort, and had everything delivered to them…so that they could be alone and romantic or so that they wouldn’t be seen? Probably a bit of both. It’s been three years and it’s been impossible to hack them.

Here’s Katie yesterday, December 19th, a day after her birthday proper, out in Malibu. Just for kicks, I decided to see if there were any photos of Katie five years ago on exactly the same date. You know where she was on December 19, 2011? With Tom Cruise at the Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol premiere in New York.

Look at the sly smile on her face in the second shot. Were the escape plans already in place by then? Six months later she would make her break and blindside him with the divorce. June 2017 marks the five year anniversary.