After being trapped at sea on family holiday with Tom, Katie Holmes has arrived in NYC to throw herself into some serious rehearsal time for her Broadway debut in All My Sons. 

A supertoned KatE was seen out and about today, clutching a binder, showing off some cut arms, and wearing those ridiculous jeans. You’re telling me she doesn’t have another pair of schlubby denims lying around? That this is her only pair? 

We all do it. We all grab whatever’s easiest, even if they’re lying on the floor, even if they smell, the most comfortable pair of go-to jeans and a pair of flipflops and we’re out the door.

What bothers me about these is that she had to not only roll them, but FOLD them over on the sides BEFORE tucking them up.

This is effort. This is not a haphazard, no thought, I’m in a rush, whatever’s quickest style decision.

But you can bet your lobotomised bride that this is probably the pair that Tom wanted her to wear. For whatever reason in his f&cked up closeted gay head, perhaps to mute any trace of femininity left in her body. Which is probably why she’s working out to the point of herm. Wonder if he wants her to get a breast reduction too.

Do you remember how lovely they were in The Gift? Click here  if you’ve never had the pleasure. They were indeed spectacular. 

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