Now that the History Channel has pulled The Kennedys from their line-up (click here if you missed yesterday’s article), producers have quickly moved to release a trailer while they negotiate distribution with another network.

It’s obvious, obviously, why Caroline Kennedy was so offended. At the same time though, well, it looks like good, dishy television. And I think there’s a bleached blonde shot of Marilyn Monroe too. Also, why is Jackie/Katie wearing so much makeup? There’s a scene there when she tells Jack she’s not leaving him and it looks like she borrowed her lips from Lisa Rinna.

I can’t imagine this won’t get picked up. And soon. And again, as noted yesterday, The Kennedys will still move forward in Canada on History Television.

This is KatE Holmes in Beverly Hills yesterday with a minder, as usual, after a visit to a chocolate shop. At least Xenu doesn’t outlaw chocolate.

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