Katie Holmes was in Las Vegas yesterday to announce a partnership between her Dizzy Feet Foundation and Hit Entertainment’s Angelina Ballerina in support of programs that engage disadvantaged youth in dance and dance education. Because, you know, she’s totally like a proper professional dancer now. She has even inspired her husband to start dancing, and you saw his moves at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Tom said afterwards that

"It was a lot of fun – it was a blast! You know, I can dance a bit, and we rehearsed. And my wife's a dancer, so I like dancing!"

At what point when you do something often, regardless of how well you do it, does it become the thing that you do? 

I can’t sing and Duana and Laura think I’m tone deaf. But if I go to singing class every day, and David Foster mentors me, and etalk cuts a one minute clip of me trying to sing during some event that airs on national television, does that make me a singer? 

Robo is soon headed for Toronto where she’ll begin work on The Kennedys for the History Channel as Jacqueline Kennedy. I’ll be the contrarian and say that she’ll deliver a kick ass performance in the role. Unless there’s dancing involved. 

Photos from Ethan Miller/Gettyimages.com