Katie Holmes in New York today on the set of her movie All We Had based on the novel of the same name by Annie Weatherwax (great name). Katie is also directing the film. You know what Sarah keeps saying about actors becoming directors? Yeah. Katie certainly isn’t getting the kind of acting work that she’s interested in. So she’s acquiring her own properties and giving herself the job. Which… I mean on the one hand, I’m into. On the other hand… um… deep breaths here… I can’t remember if Katie Holmes is good at her job. The closest comparison I could come up with here is Taylor Kitsch. You’ve seen his acting in Friday Night Lights. But you’ve also seen his acting in True Detective 2. If I told you Taylor Kitsch was directing a movie, what would you say?

I do like the costume selection here though. Katie is playing a young mother who’s so skint she and her daughter have to live out of the car for a while before arriving in a small town and forming new relationships. The outfit is definitely there.