Never mind the wrath of Xenu. Katie Holmes has disrespected Twilight. And the Twi-Hards, well, you know they can f-ck a bitch up.

Katie and her friends hit up a New York theatre on Saturday to see New Moon. Instead of memorising every minute of the movie and hanging on every tortured glance exchanged between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, Katie supposedly would not shut up. She yapped at her friends the entire time, ruining the enjoyment for Twi-Hards who were probably seeing it for the 4th time.

Mrs Cruise should watch herself. I have seen a Twi-Hard fly into a jizzy rage. I have heard of incidents lately when they have stampeded over others just to get a good seat. Some crazy pervert actually bit a girl the other night during a screening. And the GMD is in Austria. It’ll be a challenge even for him to swoop in for the rescue. Careful Katie.

PS. Katie has friends? What friends?

Here she is on the set of The Romantics the other day with a tear in her stocking looking like she’s having a good time with Malin Ackerman. When he’s away she’s allowed to remember what it’s like being around other people. Looks good on her.

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