Green hat alert!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 5, 2009 14:53:52 March 5, 2009 14:53:52

Those of you who’ve been visiting this site for a while now (thank you!) should know the Green Hat deal. We Chinese, we don’t wear green hats. Green hats are a sign that you’re being chumped.

Speaking of chumped…

Where is the GMD?

Katie walked around on set in NYC today in a green hat. Meanwhile the GMD has remained undercover.

Green hat = return of the pool boy?

Dude, the green hat is never wrong. He is up to something.

I’m telling you, I’m so superstitious, even if that was part of the costume, I’d still request a different colour.

Photos from PPNY/GSNY/

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