Katie Holmes stepped out yesterday in New York in leather pants and trainers. Click here to see a better shot of her kicks. These actually look pretty comfortable. The pants, I mean. It’s a cute look on her. It’s way cuter than when she wears sh-t she designs herself.

But would she have worn it if she was still Mrs Cruise?

I’ve just run out of things to say about her. So I checked IMDB. Katie has two films in post and she’s about to shoot The Giver with Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges and I’ll say again that I want her to hook up with Alexander Skarsgard. What’s also interesting to me about this is that it’s been a while since Katie’s been in front of the press to promote a movie. Like in a junket situation. Or a profile in a magazine. Like… Vanity Fair. You can’t dictate to Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair did a slam piece on her ex-husband. They’d want to ask…

Yeah, no. They’d probably never let her do Vanity Fair. But they should. COME ON.