Katie Holmes is supposedly in talks to perform on Broadway – in Arthur Miller All My Son’s. Click here for more about the production.

Katie’s role is not planned to be controversial. On the contrary, she would play a woman in love with a man a soldier who has disappeared. It’s the kind of role that Tom approves of – she won’t have to kiss another dude and more importantly she won’t have to take her clothes off.

When Nicole Kidman took her clothes off on stage for The Blue Room it was the beginning of the end. 

Thought you might want a weekend lift. Was bored this morning as it’s been a slow day for smut and decided to reorganise photos. Spent half an hour completely riveted browsing through the TomKat romantic history. A few selections are attached. Always good for a gossip discussion and analysis. Enjoy!

PS. Everyone always talks about the Oprah couch incident but do you remember what happened that year when he went on TRL and did the same thing? Made her sit with him the audience and wrapped his shortness all over her??? 

Photos from Wenn.com