Katie Holmes calls herself a fashion designer too, even though she hasn’t presented at NYFW for a few seasons. That might be the excuse though if asked why she doesn’t support her friend Victoria Beckham at her shows. But she did sit front row at Donna Karan’s 30th anniversary last night soooooo…

Posh and Katie totally broke up. Just like Madonna and Gwyneth broke up. And Gwyneth and Winona. OMG Katie should totally be friends with Gwyneth. Instead she’s making friends with Rita Ora. And hanging out with Hugh Jackman and Trudie Styler and there’s obviously nothing wrong with Jackman and Styler except that that doesn’t get us anywhere gossipy. If Katie were friends with Gwyneth, she’d be dating Jake Gyllenhaal next week. You see the difference?

But isn’t she dating Jamie Foxx?

Page Six keeps insisting that they’re undercover. They claim she flew to see him in LA for the Grammys and that they spent the Super Bowl together (like that’s a holiday now?). Supposedly it’s on lockdown because Jamie is friends with Tom Cruise and he doesn’t want to f-ck up their relationship. Please. You don’t think Tom Cruise knows already? Tom Cruise probably googles himself more than George Clooney. If Jamie’s hooking up with Katie, he’s already violated the code, so exposure might not be the issue here. The issue is perception. He probably doesn’t think it would look good on him to be messing around with his buddy’s ex-wife especially since Tom still has some powerful allies in Hollywood, to stay nothing of his Xenu connections. Nobody wants to be on that sh-t list, especially not when you’re getting ready to promote a superhero blockbuster.