With a chaperone.

At least that looks like a chaperone.

With Katie Holmes. Yesterday leaving the gym. The photo agencies are calling her companion a “friend”, but you know, where Xenu is concerned, only “approved” friends are allowed. So this friend must be Church-friendly, and can you really call that a real friend?

Well, small victories, I suppose. As you can see, Katie’s allowed to drive herself somewhere. Has been doing so recently with more and more frequency, tasting freedom again. But never when Little Sci is with her. When Little Sci is with her there’s always security and a driver.

That’s the benefit of the gym then. And Katie’s been hitting the gym hard these days. For some alone time. For some Pretend I’m Not a Prisoner time... although there’s really no excuse for those boots.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com