The reason I had to date that title is because there have already been so many other articles with the same title, “Katie Holmes is not pregnant”, that I don’t want my server to get confused.

Star Magazine is reporting on this week’s cover that Katie and Tom Cruise are expecting again. It took about 5 minutes for her rep to deny the story. Yes, it’s bullsh-t. Not only because it comes from Star Magazine but also because, well, when would Katie and Tom have had the time to, you know, go to the secret Xenu place and make sh-t happen?

Tom has been busy. He’s been shooting back to back to back. And Katie’s at his side a lot less than you’d think. She flies in to see him on location with Little Sci, sure, but she never stays more than a week, tops, almost as though they like their space from each other.

Some believe Katie’s not interested in another child because she’s still determined to make something of her acting career. A couple of weeks ago, Variety reported that she was negotiating for a role in the upcoming film adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull. There was no confirmation that that deal was done but production is supposed to begin this summer. Katie has not worked in over a year. Her last movie was, um, Jack & Jill with Adam Sandler.

Attached - Katie in New York today.