They can’t be, right?

Because they’re part of New Katie’s life. New Katie has cut off everyone who’s connected to Scientology. Not sure yet who accompanied her and Suri yesterday in New York but these people are certainly not approved by Xenu. And, well, I really want to know what they know...if they know anything. My sense is that these are people are not strangers. That she trusts them has done for a while. Because right now, she can’t afford to be letting strangers in her life. The Church will be trying to re-infiltrate her world.

It’s been exactly a week now since her announcement - I’M LEAVING TOM CRUISE. And still Tom Cruise, at press time (10am ET), has yet to file an official legal response. Two things - this confirms even more, if there was any doubt, that she dumped it on him unexpectedly, sending him scrambling, and given how long it’s been, that he may still be scrambling. It’s obviously taking him a while to execute his response. And I’m told that that is due in part to not really knowing what that response should be. As I reported yesterday, his Xenu instincts would be to swing back at Katie and hard. On the Hollywood side of things however they are cautioning him from going on the attack. There’s no winning against The One, the Skywalker, Neo, and Harry Potter. But there could be some strategy to it too. One source told me yesterday that it’s possible he could very well be making her sweat it out - something like psychological warfare. I imagine it’s like wondering whether or not there’s an intruder in your house. It’s the fear of the unknown that unravels you. F-cked up, right?

The good news is that by all accounts, Katie is determined. She’s scared, sure. Who wouldn’t be? But there’s not been any doubt, none at all, since she decided to break out. And I’m told that the more he persists with this kind of behaviour, the more it confirms she did the right thing. In fact, in supporting her in her final departure, her dad almost predicted it. My sources tell me that he laid out a plan, and that part of that plan was a preparation guide anticipating Tom’s counter-moves, so that Katie could start mentally steadying herself for what’s ahead. Makes me want to cry a little how Mr Holmes is battling for his girl.