Is animated!

Check out Katie Holmes courtside at the Knicks game last night with a “male friend” lawyer type. She’s gesticulating, there are several different expressions on her face, she laughs, she exclaims, it’s the most personality we’ve seen from her in a while, even after the breakup.

So it turns out Katie was only in LA for one night for pre-Oscar parties and left right away before the weekend even started. That’s really too bad. Was hoping she’d be making some career moves seeing as the Broadway situation wasn’t successful and, well, the fashion designer thing isn’t working out all that well either.

Katie just changed agencies not even a month ago -- from CAA (they rep Tom Cruise) to ICM. If I were them I’d talk her into a cable series. Start there and come back around to film in two or three years. Even her predecessor Nicole Kidman did a television movie.

By the way…

You know Kidman and Cruise still use the same agent, right?