How will Katie Holmes stack up against Paul Dano? He’s too good for her. 

Katie is in New York shooting a new movie called The Extra Man costarring Dano and Kevin Kline. Dano could sleep through a scene and still send her back to Dawson’s Creek. This is why we’re playing Photo Assumption:

Doesn’t Paul look impatient? Almost insulted that he’s gone from Alan Arkin and Daniel Day Lewis to … KatE Holmes? 

Love Paul Dano. 

“Mom, look around! This place is f-cked! I don’t want these people judging Olive! F-ck them!”

Alternate Photo Assumption:

Tom’s wife seems awfully happy and cheery. Even flirty?

Dano is certainly sexy in that offbeat kinda way. Even more so considering his talent. You’ve seen There Will Be Blood, right? 

Paul Dano to save Katie Holmes?

Oh la…

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