It’s Katie Holmes, in Melbourne, beginning work on Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. In leggings, glasses, and a toque if you squint you can see Josh Hartnett. Interestingly enough, she was seeing Josh Hartnett just before Tom Cruise captured her. And there are still a few of you who are convinced that Little Sci is actually a Hartnett. And now her mom is looking like a Hartnett. Is your head spinning? 

In other Katie news, her performance on So You Think You Can Dance will air on July 23rd on the show’s 100th episode. Katie’s number is a tribute to Judy Garland. Not clear whether or not this will be pre-taped or if she’ll be flying back from Australia to take the stage live…? Obviously we must watch. It’s a total ratings ploy, yes, but how can you resist the sight of Tom in the audience, veins popping, teeth gleaming, over enthusiastically clapping his tits off? I cannot. 

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