Many of you wrote to me yelling about Katie Holmes the other day after the Golden Globe announcement. You think she's ripping off Kate Middleton's look.

A little?

I'm at the doctor's office now so I can't include too many photos but here are a few. You think?

In other Katie Holmes news...

Katy D from Vancouver just wrote to me that Katie was at a 630am spin class in Vancouver this morning at Steve Nash gym. She worked up a sweat. Was really into the class. And no one bothered her. Accompanied by a bodyguard.

Perhaps in town to spend a few days with Tom Cruise as he works on Mission Impossible 4.

So there you go Vancity. Maybe we'll get a little "presentation" right here on the West Coast. It's been so long since we've seen it.

Thanks Katy D!

Photos from Wenn.com