Katie Holmes’s last movie before she met and married Tom Cruise was Thank You For Smoking. It was good. And then...

Mad Money, The Romantics, The Extra Man, and most recently Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark and The Son Of No One, both of which were not well reviewed. None of them were, actually.

Next up: Jack & Jill with Adam Sandler.

I’m just saying there might be a coincidence.

Have you seen Pieces of April? Once upon a time, she wasn’t a brain-dead Pollyanna. Is that redundant?

This is Katie last night at the premiere of Jack & Jill, opening on Friday. I’ve not seen the movie. I could only manage a third of the trailer. And I can tell you already that it will suck. Because Sandler plays Jack AND Jill. And it’s not a 2 minute sketch on SNL. It’s a feature length film what the F-CK is happening here???

Katie Holmes does not need the money. She just... needs to get out of the house, I guess? How else do you explain it?

But oh my God, and I’m saying it again, she is looking SO beautiful right now. The hair, the skin, the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen her.  If she wasn’t constantly supervised, I’d be suspicious about who’s responsible for it. And not in a surgical way, either.

Also, this dress is f-cking busted. Did she make it?