Here’s Katie Holmes on the set of Miss Meadows yesterday in Cleveland. I am totally jacking these braids for TIFF. As you can see, Katie seems relaxed and happy at work, not at all bothered by the presence of the paps who’ve followed her to Ohio. In fact, the paps might actually be helping her out.

According to a few photographers, they were approached the other day by Katie’s security asking if they were from the Church of Scientology. Allegedly, once her bodyguards were assured that the photographers were just photographers and not spies for David Miscavige, Katie seemed to be much more comfortable walking around the area. And while her publicist denies that this went down and that Katie’s on Xenu alert, you’ll recall, the constant presence of the paps surrounding Katie at all times in New York last year once she announced that she’d left Tom Cruise was actually a benefit to her at the time because it made it so difficult for Scientologists to harass and intimidate her into reconsidering.

Chills, chills, chills…

That is f-cked up, right?

Can you imagine? One day she’s just walking down the street and the next minute, some dude might be levitating out of a tree, shouting at her to get audited. Like, are these her everyday concerns? And for how long? How long does someone stay on the Scientology sh-t list before they decide to leave them alone?