Little Sci has been my nickname for Suri Cruise since she was born. It started out as creative licence, pure jokes. And now...


LittleSci is the reality Katie Holmes is evidently trying to avoid.

Katie took Suri out for ice cream last night in New York as her defection from Tom Cruise and Scientology continues to fuel the gossip industry. PEOPLE, the first to report that Katie had filed for divorce, reports in its current issue that Katie’s escape from her marriage was indeed a covert operation. That her team, led by her father, secretly started switching out her mobile phones about 3 weeks ago, removing her life piece by piece from his control. As I told you on Friday, she also changed staff, including security, and once everything was in place, she cut him off last  Wednesday; that’s the day she officially stopped taking his calls. Baller!

Katie’s parents have been expressing concern about her life for a while now, specifically the effect it was having on Suri. She was trying to be optimistic but as Tom took job after job, continuing to avoid prolonged periods spent together, she had more opportunities alone to reflect on her doubts. Before they met, Katie was living in New York. She’d ended her relationship with Chris Klein. She was excited about her career. She was in her 20s, experiencing the city, going out, meeting new people, coffee with friends, and several cigarettes too - not atypical of someone her age in those circles. Remember when Katie Holmes smoked??? (photo is attached) Then Tom Cruise whisked her away - literally - and she gave it all up. I’m told Katie is often wistful about those pre-Cruise days. She doesn’t miss him, hasn’t in a while now, when she’s in New York without him, often for weeks. So New York became a problem, and one of the arguments she couldn’t win. My sources tell me Tom would not consider making New York their primary residence.

There are, of course, other very disturbing problems. A timeline for her departure is starting to emerge. As already established, Katie had been unhappy for some time. Sources tell me though that it was what happened after her China trip that really pushed her in one direction. Katie left Suri with Tom in New York to go endorse that weird figure skating thing. When she returned, she found out that Tom had left Suri in the care of some unfamiliar Church people about whom she’d previously not been informed. My sources are not sure if Suri’s behaviour was affected, only that Katie was livid about Suri being exposed to strangers. There followed a trip to Iceland shortly after. That was when Katie learned that Isabella and Connor were telling Suri about Gold Base, the Scientology retreat in California where they allegedly bootcamp the sh-t out of people. When she returned to New York, she gave her dad the go-ahead to launch the plan.

Part of that plan as noted last week has been to re-engage the PR people she used to work with before Tom took over her life. And part of their plan has been to get a head start on securing public opinion in Katie’s favour. They’ve been leaking - and very astutely they’ve been targeting the Church and its mysterious, seemingly sinister practices, knowing the organisation already attracts so much suspicion. I’m not saying that suspicion isn’t deserved. My point is that Katie is making a choice NOT to do this privately. She’s blown it wide open and there’s a child in the middle of it. Which is why it’s so frightening. Because you would think that a parent’s first inclination would be to shield her kid from the mess, right? In this particular situation though, Katie and the people advising her must believe - strongly - that they’d be at a serious disadvantage if they weren’t operating publicly.

Can you imagine?

That something about the Church scares them SO much, they would rather live this drama out through the tabloids than do it privately and risk the alternative...whatever that alternative is? For Katie and Suri then, splashing this situation all over the scandal sheets is a PROTECTIVE manoeuvre.

So... if they’re running TO the tabloids for cover, how f-cked up is what they’re running AWAY from?