One day, if all goes according to plan, Katie Holmes’s plan that is, Suri Cruise will call herself a New Yorker. Katie intends for Suri to grow up in the city. I know she’s only 6 but do you see Suri Cruise as a New York City girl? That’s what she’s becoming.

Katie and Suri hit up the zoo yesterday with grandma. As you can see, and she wants you to see, Katie is tactile and attentive. How can the paps be of assistance? Since Suri was born, it’s been Suri and Katie all the time. Over time that begins to leave a mark. In the public’s mind, Suri’s primary parent has always been Katie Holmes, thanks to the paparazzi. It’s ironic how some things work in your favour, non? Tom Cruise moves around so mysteriously, so undercover, his sightings with his family, and particularly his youngest child are so seemingly rehearsed not to mention infrequent, it’s like he lost custody even before he had a chance to fight for it.

As for more insight into the events leading up to Katie leaving him - here’s an interesting story I heard yesterday:

This was a few months ago. A source told me of a friend of Katie and Tom, also a member of the Church of Scientology, whose young child was exhibiting signs of developmental disability. Apparently the Xenu people allegedly aren’t super supportive of accessing medical community resources in these situations. I guess they have their own ways? According to my source, Katie was supposedly appalled at the decisions they ended up making regarding the child’s treatment and was disappointed that Tom didn’t seem to feel as strongly about it. She worried that if something should happen to Suri, the best course of action might be denied her due to adherence to Church custom. There was no massive blow-out that resulted but it was just another thing, another thing on her list, a growing list of reasons she was increasingly unhappy.

Is she happy now?

Well...not too happy, right? She can’t be too happy. Relief, yes. Happiness? Not yet. Happiness could be interpreted as selfish. And Katie the brave mother of Suri is anything but selfish. PEOPLE reports that her movie Molly, which she wrote, has now been delayed even though production was scheduled for next week. No official reason was given. But the one that will probably be leaked is that she put it off so that she can spend more time with Suri to see her through this critical time.

I wonder whether or not that movie was actually going to get made in the first place. No one was talking about it before she filed for divorce. Did she just drop it out there to generate interest, and strategically pull it back so as to strengthen the point, yet again, that she is the mother of all sacrifice? What an extraordinary display of skilled manipulation we’re seeing here. I still can’t believe it’s Katie Holmes.