TMZ reports that Katie Holmes bought an almost $4 million home in Calabasas, California and it sounds like they’ve already moved in. Supposedly Katie thought it would be better for Suri to live there instead of growing up in New York. Because there are children on the same block or something.

And, of course, there’s also the matter of her career. TMZ claims she wants to be closer to Hollywood so that she can focus more on getting better parts. By the way, Michelle Williams lives in Brooklyn where she’s raising her own daughter.

Katie’s currently in The Giver which didn’t exactly open big at the box office last week. Not that that’s on her, but it doesn’t help either. Her next film is called Miss Meadows. A trailer was released this week. Katie plays a substitute teacher who’s also some kind of vigilante. She stresses good manners by day and distributes justice by night. Or something. Not surprisingly, it’s likely the result of trauma when she was a child, as evidenced by the obvious moment on the phone, when she starts crying and we see a flashback of a little girl all sad sitting on the steps. The reviews for Miss Meadows coming out of Tribeca weren’t great. Click here and click here to read a couple.

Maybe going back to LA will make a difference. Even though she’s been fronting like she’s so NYC for the last few years. Her Twitter handle is @KatieHolmes212 after all.