Please scroll down or click here, here, and here for the first 3 articles today on Katie leaving Tom to get caught up.

This is the first sighting of Katie Holmes since playing Tom and Xenu on Friday. Check it - there’s no ring on her hand now. Scientologists are looking at these photos right now. They’ll send a text message to Tom to inform him. And he’ll...

Do nothing.

Because what can he do?

She was swarmed by more paps than usual today. She’ll be surrounded by reporters and photographers day and night. It’s almost like accidental protection. Now that all the entertainment outlets and gossip blogs have accused the Church of following her, spying on her, everyone else will be spying on THEM to make sure they DON’T spy on HER.

After all these years, and we thought she’d been lobotomised, and it turns out she has SO MUCH GAME!

It’s just...

Freedom didn’t come with an improvement on her dressing problem. She still has one. Katie was at the Parsons School of Design today taping Project Runway. Um, do you remember what she wore on her birthday? Click here. I’m not sure you want a young designer learning from that, you know?

Look at her shoes. They’re tragic. Especially with a dress that used to be a nightshirt.