Katie Holmes was on Good Morning America today promoting Ray Donovan. Have you seen Ray Donovan? I’ve just gone through the first season – which I really enjoyed – but the second season has been queued for a while because, how do people get through all this great television? It’s a first world problem.

Anyway, I think you know what a Katie Holmes interview is like. Compelling is not a word I would use. Ray Donovan is compelling though. Is she compelling on Ray Donovan? I have an entire season to get through before I find out. You need to tell me. Because I’ve made some assumptions. That said, I’m not a casting director. And, also, Pieces Of April. Is Pieces of April to Katie Holmes like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday are to Lindsay Lohan? You know how Mean Girls and Freaky Friday are often used to make a case for Lindsay Lohan’s talent? Is there ever an expiry date on that?