Still can’t believe it about Katie Holmes on SYTYCD. Can’t believe they allowed it on television, can’t believe she allowed it to be on television, can’t believe that actually took time to rehearse, that it required choreography…

But I can totally believe the ratings. The ratings were amazing. 


Because we are all chumps. We were duped into thinking Katie Holmes might actually be good.

Anyway, almost a week after her dancing sh-ts aired on television Katie continues to shoot in Australia with Little Sci on set, enjoying some downtime between scenes, and we’re going on 3 weeks now that she and Tom have been apart while he spends time with Isabella and Connor and plots his return in LA. 

But if he doesn’t fly over there to visit soon they’ll start talking. After all, it has been a few months since In Touch last made up a story that they were divorcing. 

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