Why do I like it?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 15, 2009 14:39:46 January 15, 2009 14:39:46

Am trying not to…but I do. The Katie Holmes campaign for Miu Miu. The first image was released yesterday and another was posted on People.com today. According to Miu Miu, Katie “portrays a luminous icon radiating a sense of mystery and theatricality.”

Wouldn’t go that far. But the pictures are much less generic than Posh’s skin shots for Armani and maybe that’s the reason. Head to head, Mrs Cruise for Miu Miu vs Mrs Beckham for Armani, I choose Mrs Cruise. Both are trying to ingratiate themselves with the high fashion people, with Katie willing to break image, give up her simpering smile cutesy tootsy smile, as the first salvo in a new aggressive strategy in competition with her friend/enemy.

Love it.

Besides, these two Miu Miu dresses are really cute.

So what would happen if Katie lands a Vogue cover this year and not the Posh?

Oh la.

Dear Anna – make it happen!

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