The presentation of the final award at any awards show is usually reserved for most high profile guest in attendance. Last night that responsibility fell to Katie Holmes. Were they short on names? Will Ferrell was there. So was Jack Black. I’m not saying either of them are traditional final award presenter material but they’re easily bigger stars than Katie Holmes. Go down the resume. Will and Jack front their own movies all the time. Studios put millions of dollars on projects based solely on their involvement. You cannot say the same about Katie Holmes. Katie Holmes however is married to Tom Cruise. Was Tom Cruise presenting by proxy?

I wonder if she’s retained enough cognitive ability to process the fact that that’s a major, major overstretch. Of course not. She doesn’t have enough sense to keep those booties away from that dress, why would she have the sense to figure out that it’s embarrassing for her?

As I noted last night on Twitter, Katie and Britney share the same blank face. There’s really not that much happening up there, although Katie, right now, is the most beautiful she’s ever been, so I guess there’s that. What could be more important?

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