As expected, the weeklies are still going hard on Tom & Katie this week. PEOPLE’s story is relatively tame, especially compared to Us Weekly. I’ve just had a look at the Us Weekly pages and, as you can see from the cover, where PEOPLE has so far avoided the Nicole angle, Us is bringing Kidman into the conversation.

Apparently Katie and Nicole have been exchanging secret phone calls with Holmes’s predecessor passing on her support. Well that’s rather opportunistic of her, non? Now that public opinion is firmly in Katie’s favour, it would be advantageous for Nicole to get in there and see if she can capitalise. After all, Katie is doing what Nicole did not have the courage to do: she fought for her child, she took on the Church. Many of you have pointed out that Nicole had more challenges ten years ago. That her position was much weaker, more vulnerable. True. But don’t discount motivation either. Nicole had other aspirations. She also had resources. Rupert Murdoch, her bff, has demonstrated that he’s rather eager to go anti-Scientology when given the go-ahead. And it’s not like Rupert Murdoch wasn’t a powerful billionaire at the time of Nicole and Tom’s divorce.

A more interesting detail in the Us Weekly article is what Katie’s trigger was. As I first reported last week - click here for the reference article - Katie went to China for that figure skating event and returned home to find that Tom had left Suri in the care of some Scientology strangers. Us Weekly is going a step further - their sources claim that those Scientology strangers, with Tom’s blessing, had actually started auditing Suri, and that Katie noticed that her daughter’s behaviour was beginning to change.

According to the magazine, Katie still loves Tom, but Suri’s wellbeing was ultimately more important to her.

Goddamn but that is GOOD, isn’t it? 

She’s broken-hearted too! But she has sacrificed her own heart for the life of her child! How selfless! How brave!

Next: the popular Katie Holmes. How Katie is benefitting from all this great publicity.