Let’s not take anything away from her accomplishment – bitch ran a f&cking marathon and that’s a hardcore achievement.

Check out photos of Katie mid and post-race looking pretty cute all things considered. You run for five and a half hours, see if you come out the other end looking this pretty, especially the shot of her holding Little Sci getting out of the SUV. Katie Holmes is a natural beauty, no doubt.

Which is why her husband is guarding his best asset with his life. And making sure anyone within earshot is aware of his proud possession.

Am told that yesterday, following the race, all he could do was belt out at the top of his lungs at Tavern on the Green: “isn’t she amazing?” followed a few minutes later by “She’s just so amazing!”

And more:

“It’s amazing what she’s done!”

“You are amazing!!!”

No seriously…it’s, like, his only adjective.

And then he dragged her out for the NYC premiere. Photos coming…

Photos from Splash