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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 13, 2009 16:58:52 October 13, 2009 16:58:52

I ran the Turkey Trot yesterday – 10 km in support of the Vancouver Food Bank. It’s a great event, very relaxed, an easy-ish route with the hardest uphill at the beginning. Maybe it was too easy. And it was sunny out. Such a beautiful Vancouver morning it felt like I was walking and enjoying the view. There was no one pushing me. So my official excuse is that, due to all the travel, I haven’t been running as much as I usually do. Also I had two blisters on my left foot. But still…

I lost 3 minutes from last year and, no matter how I try to spin it, I suck. 3 minutes is a LONG time. One hour six minutes is not good enough. The winter training will be rough leading up to my first half marathon in May. Especially if I want to come in around 2:10.

Running is humbling. Several senior citizens passed me yesterday including a crazy granny who was givin’er so hard she could have lapped me if the race was longer.

Running is also lonely. I can’t run and talk. I can’t run without music. I’m on my iPod, I run alone, and an hour feels like a long, long time. Better this though than having a Gay Midget Dwarf trying to “motivate” me with his Xenu inspirational quotes. I’d actually rather do a hundred squats after a wind sprints.

Here’s Katie Holmes at Boston University today training for something. The New York Marathon is on November 1st. Perhaps?

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