Did you know they were friends? Really???

Kate Moss is celebrating her 34th birthday and a gift arrived today from none other than KatE Cruise. In typical Cruise fashion, as in over the top, Katie’s gift was… a bed! Delivery order attached and also photo of Kate leaving her house with boyfriend Jamie Hince who is only marginally less revolting, marginally, than Pete Doherty.

Then again…where do you go from Johnny Depp?

Back to the unlikely friendship – they are the polar opposites, Kate and Katie. One is the MiniVan’s favourite mute mother, the other is a reformed (so she says) drug user who can’t tame the wild. WTF? 

Or is this another Xenu recruitment strategy? The Church has long held the belief that they are the authorities on addiction rehabilitation. Remember Tom famously said that he could get someone off smack in 3 days?

So did Tom Cruise at some point attempt to cure Pete Doherty? Is KatE trying to cure Kate? 

Plot thickens… Xenu is everywhere.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com