This is Katie Holmes shooting scenes with Jonny Lee Miller the other day on the set of Eli Stone. And even though that hair is still ass, being left unsupervised in the presence of an attractive man and not a gay fraud has brought more life to her eyes than we’ve seen in 3 years.

The way she’s coyly looking over at her co-star, the spring in her step, the smile playing at her lips – please, don’t start with the “acting” excuse. She was never that great to begin with. And whatever talent she had was lobotomised by Xenu a long time ago.

Still… perhaps there is a part of KatE that throbs for the touch of a real man. Perhaps this brief interaction with a dude who used to pleasure the Jolie has awakened those womanly parts that have long been ignored.

Also attached – Katie and sooo cute Little Sci at the Grove on Saturday. No wonder it was curiously quiet on Robertson that afternoon when Julie and I took up permanent residence at Intermix without the threat of those two barking douchebags Heidi and Spencer requesting a store closure.

Who the f&ck are you???

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