Are almost never cute. Why can’t every bridesmaid just wear her favourite little black dress? Makes for great photos. But brides are crazy. I KNOW because I was a bride and I was crazy. And I was a crazy bride with a crazy squawking chicken mother. Imagine.

Anyway, Katie Holmes wore a bridesmaid dress today on the set of The Romantics in New York shooting a wedding scene while towering over Elijah Wood. And as bridesmaid dresses go … well… that is one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen. It’s so ugly that I’m starting to think she might have designed it. You know, because she’s the new Alexander Wang.

The Romantics is about Anna Paquin who is marrying Josh Duhamel who may or may not have had a thing with her best friend Robo Katie. That explains the bridemaid dresses, I guess, but it still doesn’t explain this. What the f-ck was the excuse for this?

Photos from Jackson Lee/