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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 3, 2011 08:00:24 August 3, 2011 08:00:24

Letterman’s guest last night was Ricky Gervais. Over on The Tonight Show it was equally as boisterous as Jay Leno welcomed Katie Holmes. Hardly.

That girl...

Is so boring...

And maybe she knows it. Maybe that’s why she put on the red pants. I didn’t care for the red pants. I think it’s the shade of red that’s the problem, especially in combination with that the colour of her crochet jumper. This one has the strangest taste. And the beigest personality. You know that couple you have over for dinner, and they are the worst conversationalists ever, like about their garden, or the kind of stain they used on the back deck, and their voices stay the same tone the whole time, and you think you must be in some kind of crazy skit on Saturday Night Live? That’s Katie Holmes. Except, allegedly, she’s real. Try, try to get through this without punching yourself awake. But first, try to get through the beginning when, for some reason, they introduce Katie Holmes with a montage of what, I guess, is supposed to be her “greatest hits” reel in the movies...

Like all of a sudden this is Kate Winslet???

Like there’s an acting legend who’s about to take the stage?

Even the audience doesn’t understand. Even the audience, after every scene, is like – errrr... are we clapping here? You want us to clap here???

It is the strangest thing. It’s the talk show intro equivalent of how Tom Cruise “presents” her. Almost as though someone called ahead and requested it. It’s mental. And bland at the same time. How does that happen?

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