Just Jared posted some shots yesterday of Katie Holmes at the drug store studying a bottle of moisturiser. I decided not to buy them because the agency representing the photos is pretty expensive. It’s, ahem, the same agency that keeps getting shots of Blake Lively in out of the way places like, oh, in a small town in Utah at a bed and breakfast and pictures of her kissing Ryan Reynolds with the wedding ring on display after the wedding. Click here for a refresher.

So there’s Katie. Alone in a drug store. A photographer allowed to be standing in the aisle there with here while she’s picking out skin products. So…is she representing this brand?

According to the Daily Mail

“A representative for the star insists she does not endorse the product; apparently she was just simply shopping, caught in a moment.”

Caught in a moment?

A candid moment?

Because she’s furrowing her brow and investigating the ingredients of the lotion?

F-ck, that is so insulting. But ok, go ahead. We’re idiots is what we are. Keep treating us like idiots.

Attached – Katie out for a walk in NYC last week.