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Katie Holmes will appear on So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow as a guest judge along with Kenny Ortega. Kenny Ortega choreographed Dirty Dancing, among many, many other projects. Katie Holmes...

She takes dance lessons. They featured her on the show once and people really, really complained. I’m not actually sure how Katie is qualified to sit at the table with Kenny. If by paying a lot of money to get a famous dancer train you a few times a week so that you can deliver a pre-taped, lipsynched performance, if that’s all you need to be able to get there and judge...well... a lot of people should be up there. The more I think about, the more baffled I am. It’s the equivalent of me teaching a master class in writing alongside MARGARET ATWOOD!

In other words, totally f-cking absurd!!!

And I’m not saying it just for the sake of snark. I’m saying it because these young dancers, they have busted their asses dancing for their lives. Literally. For many this is a one shot deal. For many they need the feedback, they need the analysis, it means something to them. Everything to them. Katie Holmes is using up a guest chair when that guest chair could be filled by another with more knowledge, experience, insight, who has a better eye, who knows more moves, whatever, all the ideas and suggestions you’d expect a judge to be able to pass on.

Katie can dance if she wants to, keep dancing, please, if you love it, don’t stop, go. This is not about stopping from her doing what she wants to do. But this is also not about HER following HER dream. This is supposed to be THEM following THEIR dream. And being able to access the best resources in the pursuit of it. Does that include Katie Holmes? Really? Can you really say that Katie Holmes services their objectives in the best way possible???

Anyway, Katie was on Jimmy Fallon this week. Boring the sh-t out of you. The interview was excruciating. During the game, she was definitely more animated but again... it’s like Tom Cruise’s uncool lameness is contagious. Even the way she turns a phrase, it’s so oddly lame. She speaks like a retiree, it’s the strangest thing ever.

But I did like that she was casually dressed in skinny jeans and a white pocket tee. Looked really good. Really youthful and fresh which... so not like her personality. But again, it’s just SO weird.

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