I can’t wait for this. Katie Holmes will present Holmes & Yang for the first time at NY Fashion Week. According to Page Six the collection will be shown in the tents and that’s supposed to be a big ass deal. Like she means to be some kind of fashion player now.

In anticipation of Katie Without Tom’s maiden runway voyage, I thought I’d attach some past highlights that truly showcase her, ahem, creative eye.

This is currently (12noon PT) the top headline on PEOPLE.com. Interestingly, even PEOPLE makes mention of the fact that both Katie and Victoria Beckham are showing on the same day and goes so far as to “wonder if these two former besties are still fashion friends”.

Remember when Katie and Posh attended fashion shows as opposed to running them? In the mood for a little Gossip Nostalgia? These are from 2006-2007. Only 6 years ago! Rumour has it Posh could only get in as Katie’s plus one. Some of these pictures...

I can’t get enough of them.

Look at Katie in that ridiculous black strapless ball-gown heading to one of the couture shows. And now she’s sending out her own collection in New York. How did we get here?