Comes cut off shorts over stirrup leggings. Will it catch on? 

Check out Katie Holmes leaving her apartment yesterday headed to work on Broadway. As you can see, she’s trying out a new trend, not unlike the whole boyfriend jeans thing from earlier this year which, for many of you, became a hot thing. 

How ‘bout this? 

And you know she means it too. 

Katie means what she wears. She knows you’re watching. She knows she’s being watched. So the combination here – the cut offs and the leggings – it was deliberate. And, crazier still, she thinks it looks good. Because Katie Holmes has no sense of humour. She has no sense of style either. Which means that while you may think this was joke, it was totally not a joke. Katie married Tom Cruise. She isn’t clever or funny enough – at all actually – to make this a joke.

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