Holy Moly has the exclusive first look at Katie Holmes’s new ads for Miu Miu…and they happened to leak on the same day that Posh’s Armani shots were released!

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh la.

Mrs Beckham will be furious. So furious she might just…

Eat something?


That only happens when David cheats.

But still…

This sh-t is so on.

So. On.

Because it’s normally Victoria Beckham who is That Girl. The one who will come to your birthday party wearing higher heels, a better dress, with her own photographer and a spotlight operator to make sure her best angles are accentuated.

Victoria is the Upstager. Victoria is rarely Upstaged.

But Robo KatE…

She upstaged the upstager!!!

Can you believe it?

Katie Holmes with some fire? Katie Holmes with some bite?

Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Never mind that she looks demented in the photo! It only adds to the drama! That a demented-looking Katie upstaged a starving Posh.

My life is made.