Katie Holmes seemed very vampy on the red carpet yesterday at the 3rd Annual Summer Party on the High Line yesterday in New York. I kind of love her white dress ...which probably means she didn’t design it? A drop elastic waistband always works for me. Also the gold cuff. Really too bad about the shoe game though. Her fashion instincts are so bizarre, non?

As you can see from the microphone that’s in her face, Katie stopped on the carpet for a few interviews. Celebrities normally try not to talk to reporters when they don’t have to. And when they do, especially the ones on Katie’s level, they have their people give strict warning to the press not to ask personal questions. Katie’s been pretty mute for almost a year, ever since the Great Escape. As she approaches the first anniversary of her night-time ninja slip away from Scientology though, she appears to be more engaging, in great spirits, big smiles all the time. They say she’s very much enjoying working on Mania Days with Luke Kirby. Is that all?