Sasha!!! Bitch I don’t care how busy you are at work. I want this cardigan. Also, I have a bet going with Dylan that out of the 7 nights we’re here, he can’t drink for 3 of them. There’s $100 on the line. You want some of this action?

Something tells me this cardigan is a lot more than $100. Here’s Katie on the set of Jack & Jill yesterday. I’ve decided, Middleton or not, this is the best I’ve liked her hair. Ever.

In other Katie news, her film The Son of No One will be screening at the end of Sundance. We’re not staying for it because, really, a week is a long time as it is. And it’s not like she’s JLo. It’s not like she behaves in real life any differently than the way you see her in a photograph. I’ve told you what it’s like to interview her, right? Blank. Same. Life is good. Everything is good. Happy happiness. And empty emptiness. It’s f-ckin’ weird. And there’s no juicy soundbite that comes out of it.

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