Scarecrow is what I thought of when I saw Katie Holmes in these jeans. Gumby Scarecrow? Scarecrow Gumby? Whatever it is, it’s f-cking the worst.

And here’s my answer to that one person, there’s always one, who will argue that she just wanted to be comfortable so don’t judge her for her weird ass coveralls. Fine. But then WHY IS SHE WEARING SUEDE BOOTIES WITH THEM???

Nothing wrong with flipflops or chucks, or, ugh, even crocs I guess because guess what, busy moms wear crocs when they’re trying to be “casual” and not “stylish” while hanging out with their kids, although I highly recommend Natives as an alternative (ha!) because they’re way cuter. Have been living in my white Jeffersons since TIFF, click here to see. Rubber shoes, not expensive, not Louboutins, and certainly not SUEDE BOOTIES.

How does this person design clothes? And really, really expensive ones?

Attached - Katie Holmes with Suri in Pittsburgh yesterday.