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Katie Holmes showed up a the Annual Women in Hollywood event last night too, dressed rather conservatively in a black blouse and mom length skirt until she stood under the right light and exposed her bra…and it still wasn’t all that exciting.

KatE did stop on the carpet for some “safe” press and mundane questions like:

How great is it that you’re a mom!?!?

Isn’t it so great that you love your family?

Being a strong woman is so great, isn’t it?


I’m telling you. That’s the sum total of a conversation with Katie Holmes. And the MiniVan Majority finds it so stimulating.

Inside the event, Katie, on her free night out, tried to girly bond with the other guests, remembering perhaps what it’s like to have friends. Poor thing. She never has anyone to push a stroller around with. And no play dates. Because her best and only friend is now her husband.

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