I say this every year - Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt share a birthday. One of the many reasons why western astrology, to me anyway, lacks credibility.

Katie spent her birthday with Little and Littler Sci in New York in a birthday jumpsuit. On Charlize Theron, or Rihanna? Totally? The problem with how Katie wears hers is that even if she didn’t design it, it LOOKS like she did design it. You are all, I’m sure, well aware of what happens when Katie designs her own clothes. In this case it’s like she zapped Suri’s playclothes to adult size.

And what did Tom Cruise gift to his wife? How about a very, very strong weekend for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol? Huge business in limited release in North America with a $13 million opening that exceeded expectation, and over $60 million overseas, all this before it goes wide domestically on Wednesday on impressively strong word of mouth. I’ve heard from many of you who’ve seen it. And it was unanimous: M:I4 is a really good time. Sarah from Cinesnark called it ridiculous, as is the case with these films, but also said it was jolly (ha!) good fun, exactly what you want at this time of year.

Sherlock Holmes on the other hand, while it did win the box office, came in at $40 million, well under the first movie’s performance. Six months ago, who could have predicted that Tom Cruise would be more well received and perhaps more lucrative than RDJ? I love a good Hollywood plot twist.