It was noted yesterday that the GMD had gone underground despite the surprising opening numbers for Valkyrie. He must have heard our call because he emerged yesterday, bright eyed and big toothed, smiling for the cameras after bowling with Connor and while escorting KatE to work.

Tom Cruise currently has no projects lined up for 2009. His schedule is totally open. Which means he’ll be busy taking meeting after meeting, hunting down script after script, trying to build on this hard-earned positive momentum. Like the Hollywood version of pounding the pavement. Oh honey.

Katie on the other hand, Katie will be busy trying to get pregnant. Interestingly enough, she has nothing in the pipeline either.

As for the Golden Globes, they go down on Katie’s final night on Broadway and she has chosen NOT to walk the carpet with her man, opting instead to round out her performance alongside her castmates. Kinda surprisingly, actually. You’d think his needs would always come first.

LOVE her sweater. Want it. She really is a pretty girl. Look at those features, a face without makeup – if not for the fact that she seems braindead, well she’s gorgeous right? Like imagine Victoria Beckham doing the same, totally stripped down? Please.

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