Katie Holmes took Suri to the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night. And Suri clearly enjoyed it. Arms up in the air, trying to shove air balloons into her clutch…she’s 8 now, and this event hits all the sweet spots for someone her age. It must have been magic.

By the way, Jamie Foxx was also at Kids’ Choice on Saturday. He and Katie were not photographed together. Not appropriate. It was an evening for the children. Still. If only someone could have observed whether or not Suri reacted to seeing Jamie. With familiarity?

Speaking of Jamie…

He hosted the iHeartRadio Awards last night. I liked that he went to the edge on a lot of his jokes. The Bruce Jenner joke however made me really uncomfortable. The humour in the take-down, for me, is when there’s actually a take-down. You kick up. You punch up. At those who are in power, those who, hierarchically, have enjoyed superiority. That doesn’t describe the transgender community. That’s not kicking up. That’s stomping down.

But Jamie Foxx wasn’t the only offender. There were all kinds of throwaway comments last night that highlighted ignorance. When Brantley Gilbert got up on stage to accept his award, he had to make it a point to say that the lipgloss on his mouth came from his fiancée who had kissed him just before he went up. Like, he was trying to assure you that he would never wear lipgloss. Because otherwise…what would happen? If you thought he’d wear lipgloss, what would that say about him?

Nobody picked him apart for that. And in many ways, that kind of dumbassness is even more dangerous. Jamie’s ignorance was right up in your face. You could call it something. You could point to it and tear it apart. The Brantley Gilbert kind of ignorance? The subtle, insidious kind? It’s squirrely, much harder to kill.