That word explains everything.

Per the Paul Haggis revelations mentioned in today’s open, “disconnect” is a Scientology policy that refers to the action taken against those who do not share the Xenu love. Haggis’s wife was ordered to “disconnect” from her family when they broke from the Church.

Have always wondered if Katie Holmes has any friends. Now it makes sense. Her old ones have all probably been “disconnected”. Somehow her family is hanging on though. This is good. A great sign. That they do what they need to do to ensure they can stay close. Smart.

But that “disconnecting” business is all chills, non? 

If I were her I’d “disconnect” from those jeans. 

This is Katie with Little Sci shopping for Halloween in Boston and also at the pumpkin patch this weekend with Tom Cruise. Tom was also spotted on set after stopping for dessert at craft services the other day. I’m just saying maybe he should give up the tight sweaters. 

Photos from PPNY/GSNY/