Katie Holmes on the NY set of The Extra Man last night wearing beads on one side of her head and very little makeup while shooting a scene with a rather attractive co-star. He’s cute, right? And they suit each other great, right? Oh it’s just a movie… 

But that shot of him making her laugh with his script still in his hand, if we were to play Photo Assumption – our favourite game! – I’d say that’s a girl who’s discovering flirting again. It’s not like she gets to practise on her husband, you know?

And it’s nothing to do with the gay business. Just… Tom is so intense, so in your face immediate with his Xenu style of communication, it takes away the need to dance around the attraction with words and subtle gestures, coy glances, double meanings. Flirting is fun! Even if it doesn’t go anywhere. Also when it should go somewhere. It prolongs the inevitable, drags out the drama, heightens the stimulation… but it’s also an art. And Tom Cruise, it’s obvious, he wouldn’t know how. Tom Cruise would be like – hi, you’re pretty, I want to marry you, the end. 

Well no wonder she’s alive again. Those dead eyes are slightly less dead, non?

On the subject of flirting, would LOVE to flirt with George Clooney. Bet you George Clooney is a master flirter. Like it was in Out of Sight. That entire scene at the bar, they were having sex even before they were having sex. It was JLo’s best work. Here, torture yourself at work today, see below. 

George Clooney Jennifer Lopez Out of Sight


Switching up the poll question: Best Flirter in Hollywood – who?

Photos from Wenn.com and Jackson Lee/Splashnewsonline.com